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* Issue: # 2

* Date: October 18, 2006


* Editorial: Take BIG Action

* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Follow Intuitive Flashes

* Writing Resource: Reporters' Desktop

* Article: Recipe For Freelance Writing Success - Take Massive Action


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Editorial: Take BIG action for FAST results

Hi, I hope you enjoy this issue of Fab Freelance Writing Ezine.

Our article this week is about taking ACTION, massive action. I hope the article will inspire you - please let me know how it works for you.

Taking massive action is a major part of any success, in any endeavour. I've seen it change people's lives completely. Here's what a massive action campaign will do for you. It will:

* Ensure that you get results;

* Build your self-confidence;

* Give you inspiration;

* Enable you to discover talents and abilities you didn't know you had;

* Get you much more work than you can handle.

Enjoy the article. :-)

All best wishes


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* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Follow your intuition

Freelancers live by their wits, so freelancing is an ideal career choice for you if you like trying new things, and taking risks.

This week's "take massive action" article will guarantee your writing success within a month, because you're so focused. When you're really paying attention, your intuitive flashes will increase. When you get such a flash - follow it. Every major success I've had an my career developed as a result of following my instincts.


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* Article: Recipe For Freelance Writing Success - Take Massive Action

by Angela Booth

(c) Copyright 2006 Angela Booth. All Rights Reserved.

In 2000, when the dotcom boom turned into a bust, I watched as my writing income as a tech journalist dried up literally overnight. It was amazing, rather than scary. Magazines cut back on their editorial because merchants stopped advertising. Less advertising means fewer editorial pages.

I went from working twelve-hour days to just a couple of gigs. I couldn't believe the change.

And I didn't know what to do, because I hated to market my writing and writing services.

How to market when you hate to market

Paradoxically, it turned out that the bust was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it forced me to grow as a writer. Before 2000, I rarely marketed my work. There was no need, I could send out a few queries and get work. I had steady magazine and copywriting gigs.

Although I knew how to market others' businesses by copywriting, I never learned to market my own business. Like many writers, I HATED marketing. I couldn't do it. The idea of an intensive marketing campaign made me physically sick. However, like it or not, I knew I had to market.

Take massive action

I started to do some self-therapy to try to get at the roots of my marketing aversion, and I also began reading marketing books by people like Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy.

The experts advocated "take massive action". Well, I was unwilling, but prepared to try. I couldn't let 20 years of writing slide into the dust: I had to get writing gigs to replace the ones I lost. Because magazines were cutting back on editorial, I decided to focus on copywriting.

The fastest way to get results is telemarketing, so I got out my Yellow Pages, my lists of previous clients, and started pushing buttons. I committed myself to 50 calls a day, for two weeks.

Did it work?

You bet. By Day Two of my two week campaign, I had three clients, and couldn't continue, because I had a 32-page newsletter to write, as well as a major publicity campaign to organize. There was no time for more phone calls. And my bank account looked pretty healthy, because both clients dropped half the fee into my account as a retainer without so much as a single quibble.

Those two clients soon developed into ten clients. I didn't solicit those clients, they contacted me.

It's all about the numbers

From reading Ziglar and Tracy I knew that my telemarketing results matched the numbers. If you make 100 contacts, you can expect to get anywhere from one to five sales, or have a 1% to 5% success rate.

These numbers don't vary, ever. You can take them to the bank. That's why call centers and junk mail advertising (copywriters call it 'direct marketing') are so successful. That's why your Inbox is crammed with sp@m. The numbers.

Remember: it's all about the numbers, which is why "take massive action" works.

So, how do you apply the numbers? You prepare yourself to take massive action, just as I did with my telemarketing campaign. I was prepared to make 500 calls over two weeks. Although I had to stop the campaign, I was prepared to persist for the full two weeks. And of course, for longer if necessary.

You can apply the massive action formula anywhere, at any time. It always works. It will work for you.

The biggest benefit of the massive action marketing campaign for me was that it dealt a death blow to my fear/ hatred of marketing. That single campaign removed any inhibitions I had about marketing. Some six years later, I LOVE marketing, and consider it the most enjoyable part of writing.

I wish you much success with your own massive action campaign - start it today.


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