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* Issue # 16

* Date: January 31, 2007



* Editorial: Easy Ways For Writers To Make Money Online

* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Keep Word Lists

* Article: Writing For The Web - Ten Ways To Make Money


[Editorial] Easy Ways For Writers To Make Money Online

Hi - I hope you're having a great writing week. The first month of 2007 is almost over, so I hope you're making progress on your writing goals for this year.

This week, let's talk about writing for the Web again.

The Web is a writer's medium: an unimaginably vast new market for writers. However, although it's sinfully easy for writers to make money online, many writers look at the confusion of the Web and have no clue as to where to start finding the gigs they want.

Here's the only tip you need: start wherever you like. Start anywhere, and write for the Web, and soon people will be tripping over themselves to give you money. True. :-)

In response to many questions I've had from aspiring writers, this week's article tells you how to start writing for the Web. "Writing For The Web - Ten Ways To Make Money" helps you to discover ten easy types of Web writing. Scroll down to read it.

How To Find Writing Gigs Online

Many Web writing questions boil down to - "but HOW do I find writing gigs?" Writers tend to rely on "market guides", of which there are many, but due to the constantly evolving nature of the Web, most guides are useless.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post that's about as basic as you can get about how to find gigs:
"How To Get Paid To Write"

Just follow that method to find gigs, but change "articles wanted" to "reviews wanted", or whatever kind of gigs you're looking for. I've repeated this tip in the article.

In short, to find gigs, just remember that the search engines are your friends.

Happy writing! :-)



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** Struggling To Find Writing Gigs? **

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* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Keep Word Lists

Word lists are magic for any writer, chiefly because they jolt your mind awake. Whatever project you're working on, just create a list of 20 to 50 words or phrases. Just write whatever comes into your mind. You'll be amazed at how your enthusiasm for a project picks up.

I've been working with lists of thousands of words this past couple of months, because I've started to devote much more time to affiliate marketing. So expect to see more about how to use your writing skills to become an affiliate marketer in upcoming issues. (Why affiliate marketing? Chiefly because that's where the money is online. :-))

I've always used word lists, for every project. If you haven't tried this easy technique, try it on your next project.


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* Article: Writing For The Web - Ten Ways To Make Money

(c) Copyright 2007 Angela Booth. All Rights Reserved.

The Web is a writer's medium. If you're looking for your next writing gig, look on the Web. Hundreds of thousands of Web sites are only too eager to pay writers to write for them, so finding buyers for your writing is easy.

One point: while there are many paying gigs for writers online, and you should (usually) aim to be paid for your writing, there are also many sites which will ask you to write for "exposure". In some circumstances, this can work - perhaps you're promoting a Web site or a book, and want to be published by a particular site because it's a great credit.

In general though, if you want to be paid for writing for the Web, ignore those who want you to write for free. There's an easy way to find paying gigs. Just type "pay" into the search query field in any search engine (Yahoo, Google, MSN), with the kind of writing you want to do. For example, if you want to be paid for writing reviews, enter "paid reviews" with quotes, into your favorite search engine.

Let's look at ten EASY ways to make money writing for the Web:

One: Articles And Essays

Whatever your interests, you can get paid to write articles and essays about those interests online. When you write an article for the online world, remember that you're writing for the Web, so your writing should be less dense than it would be for print.

Two: Reviews

You can review books, DVDs, services, electronics, vacations - whatever your interests, you'll find sites which will happily pay you for reviews.

Three: Blogs

If you haven't yet discovered the wonderful world of instant publishing, get acquainted with blogs. Some blogging gigs pay very well. Freelance bloggers, also known as pro bloggers, make great incomes blogging for a variety of sites - I've heard of a couple of bloggers with 30 blogs for which they write. Their income? Excellent.

Four: Ebooks

From a slow start in around 2000, ebooks have become a commodity that's in high demand in 2007. Most ebooks are short, around 30 pages, although some can be 150 pages. In word length, they vary between 5000 and 25,000 words.

Everyone wants ebooks - companies, marketers, Web site owners... If you enjoy writing longer projects, get into the ebook writing marketplace.

Five: Reports

Reports are baby cousins to ebooks. They're shorter, usually only two to three thousand words in length, and are easy to write. As with ebooks, reports are in high demand.

Six: Short Stories

A variety of sites publish short stories for their site visitors. If you like writing fiction, you can write stories which are published in full, or stories which run as episodes, and which will be sent out to readers.

Seven: Tutorials

What do you know how to do? Whatever your skills, you can teach them to others by creating tutorials. The sky's the limit here, so let your inspiration be your guide.

Eight: Tips

Some sites publish thousands of tips, others send out tips as email messages. As with tutorials, whatever your skills, package them as tips and sell them to eager buyers.

Nine: Affiliate Sales Materials

Affiliate marketing is big online. (Google the term if it's new to you.) Because it's such a big industry, Internet marketers hire writers to write marketing materials, ebooks and reports.

Ten: Opinions

Got an opinion about something? You can express your opinions online and be paid for the privilege.

There you have it - ten EASY ways you can make money writing for the Web. I've only scratched the surface here. I haven't touched on those Web writing gigs which require copywriting expertise, like writing Web site content and Web sales pages. The above are gigs that any writer can scoop up.

The gigs are out there. Go get them.


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