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* Issue # 21

* Date: March 7, 2007



* Editorial: Cash From Articles - The New Article Bonanza

* Article: Multiple Income Streams - Avoiding Starving Artists' Syndrome


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[Editorial] Cash From Articles - The New Article Bonanza

Hi - I hope you're having a great writing week. This week's issue is short and sweet - I'm very busy writing, and I know that you are too.

** Writing For The Web - Mad Money - Are You Getting Your Share? You Don't Need To Be a Tech Guru, Just An Article Writer

I hope you're snapping up all the Web writing offers which seem to be increasing every week at marketing sites and out-sourcing sites. But, as with everything else, there's good news, and lots of it about Web writing, and some bad news as well.

Here's the good news. You certainly don't need to be a technical guru to write for the Web. On Web sites, the backend work is done by technicians, and the design work by designers, so you don't need to know how to write HTML or create Web graphics, etc. You deliver your writing as an MS Word doc or plain text - no techexpertise required.

More good news: much of the work available for Web writers is content-creation, in other words, ARTICLES. Since articles are bread and butter to writers, if you can write articles for the Web, you're golden.

Extra good news: if you're a good writer in print, you can make great money writing for the Web, for both large sites and small. You can make even better money developing your own "virtual real estate" - networks of sites that you create, and which you monetize in various ways.

The Web writing bad news: because Web writing gigs are so plentiful, lots of people who don't consider themselves writers are writing for online venues. Some are good writers, even as beginners. Others are woeful. However all represent competition to YOU in the future. These "new" Web writers are getting gigs and getting experience. So when more traditional publishers move online in the next year or two, these new Web writers will get the gigs, simply because they've learned how to write for the Web.

my Web writing ebook to get up to speed on writing for the Web.

** You CAN Write Articles - Martin's Terrific (And VERY CHEAP) Ebook

In Sunday's bonus issue, I told you about Martin Avis's fabulous "You CAN Write Articles" ebook, which is priced at a ridiculous $7. It's excellent, I learned a couple of things, and whether you're a pro writer or a beginner, you will too.

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This week's article is a reprint of an article I wrote in 2002, with an update for writers in 2007. The article is about Passive Income Streams. You need to be actively looking for these, rather than looking hourly-rate or one-time payment gigs.

I'm actively developing new income streams by creating Web sites which will grow with the years, and which will bring me in completely passive income for many years to come. The benefit of all these "virtual real estate" sites is that that's what they are - online properties. I can sell these sites for many thousands of dollars in years to come, or let them work for me, bringing in income every day of the year.

I strongly suggest that you do likewise. As a writer, your biggest asset is your creativity. Put that creativity to use for yourself, as well as others.

Have a great writing week.




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* Article - Multiple Income Streams: Avoiding Starving Artist Syndrome

Copyright (c) 2007 by Angela Booth

If you've been blessed with a creative gene, chances are you're lacking a business gene. Writers, artists and designers are often so thrilled with an offer of work that they forget to negotiate. The answer to being so desperate for work that you'll take anything, no matter how crummy the deal is, is to have a backup position. Plans B, C and D, if you like. In other words, Multiple Income Streams.

How would that work? Some ideas -

If you're a writer, you could:

* work on a novel (your primary work and source of income) as well as

* write articles for Web sites, magazines and newsletters, and

* write a children's book, and

* write greeting card material.

If you're a Web designer, you could:

* develop Web sites (your primary source of income), and

* create logos and stationery for businesses, and

* create images for greeting cards, and

* host client Web sites.

If you're a photographer, you could:

* do advertising photography (primary income source), and

* take stock photos for image libraries, and

* take glamour shots at beauty salons, and

* take photos of homes for up-market realtors.

If you're thinking: "Yes, that's great, but won't I be spreading myself too thin?" the answer is yes, if you try to do all of this at once. You develop your Multiple Income Streams over time. What these Multiple Income Streams will do for you, when you get them moving, is smooth out your work and cash flow.

When work is slow on your primary income stream, you work to market that one, but also develop another. Your goal is to have at least FOUR income streams. With four sources of cash, all four won't be going through a slump at the same time. Nor will they all be equally busy at the same time.

The Goal Of Multiple Income Streams: Passive Income

The goal of all this busy-beavering is passive income. That is, work that brings you in cash long after you've completed it. If you're a writer or artist, this is books that you've written that are bringing in royalties, and Web sites you've created that bring in daily income. If you're a photographer, it's stock photos you've licensed that bring you in fees whenever anyone uses them. If you're a Web designer, it's hosting client Web sites.

The big benefit of the creative life is being able to license your products. If you're just selling your time, your income is limited by the time you have to sell, and you're always be pushing for the next project, hoping that it's a long one at a good hourly rate.

Actively Look For Multiple Income Streams

The world is changing fast. Most of the jobs around today weren't in existence a decade ago. Actively looking for your own Multiple Income Streams means that you won't be blindsided if your current work dries up for whatever reason.

Here's how to recognize a new Income Stream that's right for you:

* it gets you enthusiastic;

* you feel you can do it with practice or training;

* it has a market.

2007 Article Update: New Passive Income Streams For Writers Today

In 2007, new Passive Income Streams for writers include:

* ebooks you write and sell online and offline;

* Web sites you develop on niche topics, on which you sell advertising and affiliate products; and

* membership sites you create for special interest groups.

The Web is changing every day, and every day brings new opportunities for you. Create your own opportunities, so that you can become independent and financially secure. The days of the "starving writer" are long gone, if they ever existed. In 2007, if you aren't writing for a passive income stream, you're letting yourself and your family down.


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