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Fab Freelance Writing is, as the name suggests, my site for freelance writers. Perhaps you found this site via my popular blog,
Angela Booth's Writing Blog, if so, welcome. That blog, and the Fab Freelance Writing Blog will keep you up to date with freelance writing news.

If we haven?t met, online or off, I?m pleased to virtually meet you, and I hope that you will not only enjoy my writing Web sites, but also that you?ll feel free to contact me at any time with questions, ideas, and thoughts. You can also contact me if you?d like
personal writing coaching and/ or instruction.

Freelance writing has changed unbelievably since I started my freelance career, around thirty years ago. Now, I can send an editor a email message and he receives it in minutes. In 1975, I had an IBM golfball typewriter, made copies with carbon paper, and sent my work to editors in the UK and USA via air mail. If I sent a letter to an editor, it could take a month or longer to get a response. I can still remember correcting proofs for my first novel and sending my editor a telegram with some last-minute changes.

However, the changes for freelance writers have gone far beyond just the speed at which we can communicate. The opportunities for freelance writers are unlimited now, because writers can be publishers too. You can set up a blog within a couple of minutes, put some advertising or affiliate links on it, and make some money within an hour or two.

Because freelance writing has changed so much, and there are so many new markets, on this site and its blog I can?t hope to cover everything, and I?ll avoid covering material that?s available elsewhere online.

Expect to see markets you may not have considered, unusual and unique writing techniques, and information that I consider important for freelancers.

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However, should you feel that any product is not as described and that you require a refund on this basis, then please contact me. The deadline for any refund claim is one week after purchase.

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