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* Issue # 6

* Date: November 15, 2006


* Editorial: Writer As Publisher, Write And Sell Ebooks And Reports

* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Remember the Ladder of Credits

* Writing Resource: The Great Agent Hunt

* Article: Writer As Publisher - Write And Sell Ebooks And Reports


[Editorial] Writer as publisher ? write and sell ebooks and reports

In last week's issue we started our series "The New Freelance Writing Bonanza: Develop Your Writing Skills for the New Millennium And Collect Cash" with the article "Blogs And Blogging - The High-Paying New Market For Freelance Writers."

If you missed it, the issue is available online at:


This week, we'll look at a MASSIVE market that oddly enough, just isn't considered by most writers. They don't even know that this opportunity exists.

The people who are tapping into this brand new market are making a fortune. One married couple sold a quarter of a million dollars worth of ebooks in their first year in business. Can you do it? Yes, you can.

So this week, we'll look at the "Writer As Publisher - Write And Sell Ebooks And Reports" in our article. This sounds complicated, but it's very, very easy. And very, very profitable.

I hope you enjoy the article, and that you put the information to good use.

All best wishes


P.S. Please let me know what freelance writing areas you'd like to know more about, and if you have questions, please ask. I'll respond either in the ezine itself, or in the blog.


** The BIG Writing Secret: The Easy Write Process **

At least once a week, I get a query from a writer who asks "How do you write so much?" With copywriting clients, magazine writing, a writer's subscription site, ebooks, ezines and Web sites, I'm sure that the questioner thinks that I've either cloned myself, or made a pact with the devil. :-)

Nope. Neither one.

Over 22 years of struggle, I just learned how to tease my mind to produce on command. When I say struggle, I mean TORTURE. Writing was never easy for me - and then suddenly, one day I realized it WAS EASY... the struggle was over.

Intrigued, I figured out exactly what I was doing automatically that made writing a pleasure instead of a pain... Once it was conscious, I realized it was a three-step process.

I've created an exclusive 21-page Special Report of this process - "The Easy-Write Process: Write What And When You Please", so you can turn writing into a pleasure too ?



* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Writing Success When You Remember the Ladder Of Credits

I discussed the "Ladder of Credits" this week on the blog:

If you're aware that this ladder exists, you're way ahead of most new and established freelance writers, who aren't aware. Once you know that the ladder exists, you can begin to climb it with confidence.

Can you escape the ladder? You can get boosted to the top of Freelance Mountain by quirks of fate. For example, you might get an interview with someone who's making international news this week ? in this case, you can name your own price for your article, and hit the top of Freelance Mountain without climbing. Or, you may write such a brilliant book that an editor believes that you're the next Stephen King, and you miraculously land yourself a six-figure advance for your new novel.

Barring fate, you'll climb the ladder. Once you know it exists, you'll find that climbing it is easy.


** Need More Copywriting Clients? **

My "Special Report: How To Get Copywriting Clients" shows you exactly how you can get clients TODAY, with SEVEN vital methods. If you're a new copywriter, or are trying to build your copywriting business, you need this report. Format: electronic PDF, ten pages, available for instant download; readable on any computer.



* Writing Resource: The Great Agent Hunt

You?re writing a book ? a novel, or a nonfiction book, and you want to sell it.

Notice that I said you're "writing a book" ? the time to sell your book is while you're in the process of writing it, not after you've finished writing.

Your first thought will be that you need to get an agent, and in many cases (not all) you'd be correct. However, getting an agent is beset with pitfalls. I've had four agents in my career; one was great. All agents are not created equal, and worse, some agents are downright dishonest.

Victoria Strauss's "The Safest Way to Search for an Agent" gets you started on the Great Agent Hunt:



** Copywriting Success: Your Stepping Stone To A New Career **

Copywriters are in high demand. Develop a lucrative career with "First Steps in Your Copywriting Career: cash in on the demand for business writers" at



* Article: Writer As Publisher - Write And Sell Ebooks And Reports

(c) Copyright 2006 Angela Booth. All Rights Reserved.

The Internet may well be more important to writers than Johannes Gutenberg's invention of printing with movable type in the fourteenth century. Suddenly, writers aren't dependent on publishers: they can be their own publishers. Instantly. The reason blogs are being created at the astounding rate of 100,000 each day isn't because they're online journals: it's because they're instant publications.

Self-Publishing Becomes Easy

Canny writers have always self-published, because they know that when they produce and sell their own books, they keep all the profits. Contrast this with what happens if you get a publisher: if you've sold a book to a major publisher, you know that while someone's making money on your book, it's not you.

But the Internet means that the major obstacle which stands in the way of writers publishing and selling their own work ? upfront costs ? no longer exists. Today, if you get an idea for an ebook, or a brief report, you can write it, and sell it, at NO cost to you at all. Yes, that's right: no cost.

You Can Write And Sell Ebooks And Reports And Make Money

The craze for ebooks took off around 2000, and then fizzled. However, now it's back, and oddly enough, the people making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling ebooks online aren't writers ? they're marketers. Marketers hire writers to write ebooks on various topics, and then sell the ebooks, at prices ranging from $30 to a couple of hundred dollars.

What's stopping writers writing and selling ebooks? In brief, it's a lack of knowledge, and a lack of confidence. Many writers are scared of technology, even though they research online, and use a word processor. They're also shy when it comes to selling their own work.

These obstacles can be overcome. If you can use a word processor, you can create an ebook or report, and sell it.

Topics For Ebooks And Reports

So, if you wanted to sell an ebook, of around 30 pages (ebooks tend to be shorter than print books), what topic would you select?

Your topic can be any subject that you have specialized knowledge in. I've been working as a professional copywriter and author for around 30 years, so I know the writing business. It's a snap for me to create ebooks and reports which are useful to my fellow writers.

A friend is a health writer. She's currently selling ebooks on topics like diet, green tea, natural aids for menopause, and natural face lifts. She's produced ten ebooks to date, and is aiming for 50. She sells her 20 to 30 page ebooks for $29.99 from her Web site. Even taking online advertising costs into account, she's making a tidy 40 per cent profit. This, as any business person will tell you, is a very healthy profit indeed. She's given up writing for magazines, she's making too much money writing and selling her ebooks as a self-publisher.

Another friend is writing reports. She sells these well-researched reports for corporate businesses from her Web site for $295. The reports are case studies. They're thorough, and packed with information which is worth many times $295, so she sells thousands of copies of each report. She's stopped writing for business publications completely. As she says, she's making much more selling her reports than she makes for writing business articles, so why would she bother?

Why Sell And Write Ebooks And Reports?

Why would you write ebooks and reports, and become a self-publisher of your writing? The answer is on-going income. When you create your own material, you can sell it forever. You've got a steady stream of income, and that income continues day and night, whether you're writing or lying on the beach at Tahiti on your vacation. On the other hand, when you're a writer whose sole income is from her writing, you've got to write, or your income stops.

Becoming a self-publisher and selling ebooks and reports isn't for every writer. There's a learning curve. However, once you've learned, you're creating a bright and lucrative future for yourself.


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