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* Issue # 17

* Date: February 7, 2007


* Editorial: Speed Up Your Writing

* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Make Money Blogging

* Article: Easy, Fast Freelance Writing: Five Tips To Speed Up Your Writing And Make More Money


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[Editorial] Speed Up Your Writing

Hi - I hope you enjoyed Sunday's Bonus issue. Don't forget that these bonus issues - I'll be sending them out on an irregular schedule - won't be archived anywhere. If you delete a bonus, it's gone. :-) If you subbed after Sunday, unfortunately I can't send you the bonus, BUT you have lots more bonus issues to look forward to. As stated, they'll be on an irregular schedule, so watch for them. (Add the ezine address to your email's white list.)

This week's article helps you to speed up your writing production. If you want to make a six-figure income, you need to have processes in place which will allow you to do that, without strain. In order to develop those processes, you need a mindset. Discover the mindset in the article - scroll down.

Yes, it's possible to make six figures - but you have to set that as a goal first.



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* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Make Money Blogging

On my Blogging For Dollars blog, I wrote about an article from The Christian Science Monitor: "Bloggers can make money, but most keep day jobs" - here's the link:


(Note - copy and paste the link if the site won't load.)

What intrigued me was that the people making money blogging were not freelance writers - they were people who'd decided to make money blogging, and they did.

From the article:

This past November, a survey by problogger.net of 732 self-selected respondents found that of the 625 bloggers using AdSense, 45 percent were making at least $100 a month. Another survey of 104 bloggers at a blogger summit last week in New York found roughly a third making that money, not necessarily with AdSense.

Nearly one-sixth in both surveys made at least $1,000 a month. These samples, of course, skew heavily toward the more committed and successful bloggers.


I know several freelance writers who've started blogging, and are doing very well. One is building up her blogging empire, creating a blog a week, and selling affiliate products on her blog. Another is freelance blogging. He blogs for 21 companies, writing several blog posts each week for each one, and he's making more money than he made at his corporate communications job.

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* Article: Easy, Fast Freelance Writing - Five Tips To Speed Up Your Writing And Make More Money

(c) Copyright 2007 Angela Booth. All Rights Reserved.

As a freelance writer, the more you write, the more money you make - that's only logical. Writing more/ making more money is easy, when you have the right mindset.

You need systems which allow you to write, when it's your writing time.

I've refined my own systems, and I continue to refine them, with a goal to writing more, and making more money. My goal is to double, and triple if possible, my writing income each month.

You need to do this too. You're an individual, you have abilities and a limit to the time you have available. Create a system that works for you, and then continue to make adjustments as you're writing more, and making more money from your words.

However, before you can develop your own system, you need to work on your mindset.

Here are five tips to help you to develop the best mindset to double and triple your writing income every month:

Tip One: Schedule Your Time - You Make Money One Word At A Time

Goals are fine, but you can't "do" goals. You can only do tasks which lead to the accomplishment of your goals. Schedule each task, and then follow the schedule. Currently I use iCal on my Mac, and the BackPack Web application as my scheduling tools.

Tip Two: Dream Big - You Can Only Reach What You Aim For

Your goals should be large enough to scare you. Then you need to get comfortable thinking about what your life will be like when you've achieved a particular goal. See yourself in this new place. Your imagination is creative. As sports coaches point out: if you can see it, you can achieve it. So spend time every day imagining yourself when you've accomplished your current Big Dream.

Don't concern yourself with HOW you'll achieve the dream. As the dream becomes real to you imaginatively, you'll discover the ways and means.

Tip Three: Keep Extending Your Goals, Even Before You Reach Them

Once you get comfortable aiming for your Big Dream, and you know that you'll achieve it, extend it.

You need to develop goals beyond your goals. If you don't, your tendency is to snap back to the safe, secure and undemanding pre-goal rut.

Tip Four: Expect To Be Uncomfortable And Confused

Confusion is good. If you're not spending at least a quarter of your time thoroughly confused, and wondering what the heck you're doing, you're spending too much time in your comfort zone. You'll be confused about markets, about your writing, about how you write a project... Confusion is not just good... it's great, because it means you've left your comfort zone behind.

Keep writing - what confuses you today, will be routine tomorrow.

Tip Five: Just Do It - Don't Talk About Your Writing

Writers have a tendency to talk too much. Talking - asking for reassurance, or bragging, even - is easy. Unfortunately, the people you turn to for advice are rarely equipped to give it. Well-meaning though they are, they'll sabotage your efforts. And the people to whom you brag will become enemies really fast - that's just human nature.

Stop talking, and start writing. It's the writing which counts.

So there you go: develop the right mindset, and you'll not only write more, but also you'll be doubling and tripling your monthly income with ease.


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