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* Issue # 19

* Date: February 21, 2007


* Editorial: Writing And Selling Your Own Ebooks Online

* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Enhance Your Creativity

* Article: Get Started Writing And Selling Ebooks Online In Five Easy Steps


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[Editorial] Writing And Selling Your Own Ebooks Online

Hi - I hope you're having a great writing week.

On a housekeeping note, about the weird links in the ezine. :-) I've had messages from a couple of readers who weren't sure what to do with them. Basically, just click the links as you normally would, and they'll work.

This week's article is about writing ebooks to sell on the Web.

If you're writing for the Web, you'll inevitably be asked to write ebooks for others to sell. People make various sums selling ebooks. If you pick the right topic, and promote correctly, ebooks can be very lucrative.

I wrote an introduction to selling ebooks and reports online in Issue 6, so if you missed that,
click here.

There's Great Money In Ebooks

So if you're a Web writer, sooner or later you'll have a lightbulb moment.

This usually happens somewhere after the writer's written his fifth or six ebook for someone else to sell online.

The writer's thought process goes something like this:
"Gee, I slaved over that ebook... It's a good book. Heck, it's a GREAT book, so let's not be modest. I wonder how much my client will make out of that ebook... let's see, if he sells 1000 copies at $47 each, that's - holy cr*p! Even if he spends half that on advertising... Why am I doing this for someone else? I could be doing it for me, me, me!"

The writer feverishly taps the numbers on his pocket calculator working out how many people search for information on the ebook's topic each week, and how many of those people would buy an ebook, and shortly after his eyeballs stop pinwheeling around in his skull, decides that if he's going to write ebooks, by crikey, he's going to write them for himself.

Read the article to discover how you can write and sell ebooks online. It's a very simple process.



P.S. An ebook-writing tip: Once you've written your ebook, you need to sell it by marketing it. This means that you either need to take out advertising, or you need to write articles to promote it. I know most writers just like to write, but marketing is an essential part of being a writer in 2007, and learning to market effectively will provide huge boosts for your income.

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* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Enhance Your Creativity - It Pays The Bills

Creativity is everything to a freelance writer. You need to nurture yourself so that your creativity works for you every day. Do that, and writing will be a constant joy. Fail to do it, and you'll suffer "blocks", which usually just mean that you've used up all the material in your subconscious mind which is easily accessible to you.

There are thousands of books on creativity and how to enhance it. I encourage you to read widely on creativity, and then find the tricks which help YOU to become more creative, because what works for me, may not work for you, and vice versa.

For example, one of the ways I feed my creativity is by learning. I get pleasure out of learning something new, and often develop obsessions. Without my obsessions I wouldn't be as creative. :-)

Julia Cameron of "Morning Pages" fame calls feeding your creativity "filling the well", and that's an accurate description of how you feed your creative self.


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* Article: Get Started Writing And Selling Ebooks Online In Five Easy Steps

(c) Copyright 2007 Angela Booth. All Rights Reserved.

In 2007, clever freelance writers have a found a great new way to make money - they sell their own ebooks online. There's little outlay, and the returns can be very satisfying.

Let's get a definition out of the way. For the purposes of this discussion, an "ebook" is a document which is delivered in Portable Document Format (PDF) via an instant download. The purchaser clicks a button, pays via an online payment processor like PayPal, and can read the book in a couple of minutes.

All you need to create your own ebooks is a word processor, and an application to turn your MS Word document into a PDF file.

Let's discover not merely HOW to create your own ebooks, but more to the point, how to create ebooks which will SELL.

Just follow these five steps:

1. Find A Hungry Market - And Sell

There's only one key to success in writing ebooks, and that lies in finding a hungry market. Your ebooks must offer solutions to problems. Good brainstorming keywords for finding these hungry markets include words like Stop, Start, Prevent, Fix, Repair, Help, Heal, Problems, Learn, Training, System, Results, and Cure.

2. Write Your Ebook - Shorter Is Better

Once you've found a problem that people have, it's time to write your solution. Ebooks can be anywhere from ten to 100 and more pages, but online, shorter is better.

3. Add Graphics And A Table Of Contents For Easier Reading

There are many companies online which offer free graphics, but I prefer to use royalty-free graphics sites like Dreamstime. The graphics have some restrictions, but they're inexpensive.

Next, create a Table Of Contents, and proofread your document. Once that's done, convert the document to PDF.

4. Set Up A Web Page For Your Ebook, And A Payment Processor

The next step is to create a sales Web page for your ebook, as well as create a way for people to pay for the ebook and download it. You can use a simple free Web editor like Google Page Creator, and a payment processor like PayPal.

5. Market Your Ebook - Persistence Wins

The next step is to market your ebook. There are dozens of ways you can do this. Remember that your ebook will be online and selling for years, so it's worth taking half an hour a week to put in some marketing time.

You can use online advertising, as well as offline advertising. You can write news releases, and you can write articles to promote your ebook.

We covered writing articles for self-promotion in Issue 18 of the ezine. Check out the Archives at -


So there you have it. Five simple steps to writing and selling your own ebooks online.


** Write More, Sell More, And Give Up Your Day Job **

To create a lucrative writing career, you have to write a lot. It's a simple equation, write more, sell more - equals more money.

Many writers never manage to ditch their day jobs because they don't know how to write fast, and how to have fun while they're doing it. Yes, it's possible to write a lot, and to have a lot of fun. And to make lots of lovely cash by writing. :-)

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