Fab Freelance Writing Ezine - Issue 22: Sell Your Writing Services Online In Five Easy Steps

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* Issue # 22

* Date: March 14, 2007



* Editorial: Sell Your Writing Services Online

* Article: Sell Your Writing Services Online In Five Easy Steps


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[Editorial] Sell Your Writing Services Online

Hi - I hope you're having a great writing week, and are enjoying your writing career.

This week's article " Sell Your Writing Services Online In Five Easy Steps" is a great companion to the ebook
"How Make More Money With Web Writing Than You Ever Will With A Paycheck... In A Month Or Less". Enjoy.

** New blogging system - Terapad, it's fr*ee **

As you may know, I'm a keen blogger. I've been blogging for years, and love it, because it's the easiest way to toss up a Web site in minues.

Anyway, although I'd heard about Terapad (a fr*ee service, although you can pay a minimal month amount to get rid of the ads), I didn't pay much attention. I thought it was ho-hum, and who the heck needs it?

Terapad link: http://www.terapad.com/

Anyway, on the weekend a colleague showed me several Terapd sites she'd created, and I was amazed. All kinds of goodies, and very easy to use. I don't know whether I'll toss all my WordPress blogs overboard yet, but Terapad is excellent. I commend it to you. You'll like it.

Here's my new Terapad site, in very early construction,
Seven Days To Copywriting Success.

The blog comes with a forum built in, and I may set it up in the coming months for those of you who want to build a copywriting career.

Have a great week.




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* Article: Sell Your Writing Services Online In Five Easy Steps

Copyright (c) 2007 by Angela Booth

** This article was first published in my copywriter's ezine a few years ago. I've updated it for 2007 writing conditions. **

The online world is the ideal venue for a writer, and here's the primary reason - it eliminates rejections. Yes, that's right. In the online world, you can say good-bye to rejections. The people who buy your writing online are only too thrilled to have you writing for them.

As you become acquainted with the online writing environment, something else will become obvious to you, and it's this: you can create your own personal empire of Web sites and blogs that YOU control. You do all the writing, and you make all the profits. I encourage you to move to this Virtual Real Estate Model (VRE, you'll find it much-discussed online) as soon as possible. You can begin building an empire of sites and blogs, all earning you money each and every day - 24x7x365.

It all starts with selling your writing services online, and exploring the huge online opportunities for writers, whether experienced, or bright shiny and new.

Here's how to sell your writing services online:

Step One: Decide What You Want To Write

You'll need to start by researching the field of Internet marketing. Most small businesses (that is, businesses with from one to 20 employees) have no expertise in this field. You need to be able to advise them on their needs, which means that you must learn about this new field, and keep learning.

Once you're up to speed on Internet marketing, pick a specialty. Then create a few samples, so that you have something to show.

You could specialize in: articles, ebooks, sales page copy, ezine copy, autoresponder copy, popup or banner ad copy, or whatever else you feel drawn to.

Or, come up with a unique sales tool, and sell it to Web site. A couple of years ago (I've got no idea whether the site's still operational, and I don't even remember the name) a site selling lingerie used a diary/ journal theme a la Bridget Jones to promote their lingerie. (This was before the days blogging become mainstream. In 2007 the writer would have create a nom de plume blog and got a six-figure publishing contract, but I digress. :-))

The copywriter wrote copy in the format of a Bridget Jones-type diary, where two girlfriends were wearing the lingerie and had various (general audience, not R-rated) adventures.

You could use your creativity to come up with a great, unique idea too, and sell it.

The idea of creating a specialty is that it makes it easier to sell your services. If you try to describe all the copy you COULD potentially write for a site, you'll only confuse everyone. Stick to one area, at least at first. Also, it's easier to become an expert in one area, than it is in a dozen. This is important in the online world because things change so fast.

** TIP: Read
"How Make More Money With Web Writing Than You Ever Will With A Paycheck... In A Month Or Less"

You'll discover how to sell articles and ebooks and beat your paycheck very easily - a brand-new Web writer shares his skills. So if a complete newbie to writing can do it, so can you. :-)

Step Two: Create A Web Site To Promote Your Services

You need a Web site. Luckily, you can create a Blogger blog, or a Google Page Creator site in moments. Both programs are free, so you have no excuses. :-)

You need a site so that people can find you online.

Here are the links.


Google Page Creator:

Step Three: Write FR*EE Promotional Articles To Showcase Your Skills

You need to get known for what you do. And the way you get known online is pretty much the same way you get known offline. You can throw a lot of money at the problem, using advertising, or you can spend time.

Spend time writing promotional articles, and post them online at article directories like Ezine Articles.

Your promotional articles with have a link to your new Web site, and you'll get clients. Easy.

Ezine Articles link -

Step Four: Get Known On The Out-Sourcing Sites

There are dozens of out-sourcing sites where you can bid on writing jobs. Two of the most popular are Elance.com and Guru.com.

The key with these sites is NOT to bid low. Bidding low is disastrous. Bid a reasonable amount. The best clients at these venues want reliable writers with whom they can form on-going relationships. Read "How Make More Money With Web Writing Than You Ever Will With A Paycheck... In A Month Or Less" for more on writing articles.

Step Five: Set Weekly And Monthly Goals And Income Targets

This is the biggie. You need to set goals and income targets. If you don't you'll just float along without achieving a tenth of what you could be achieving.

Everything changes when you set income targets. In the beginning, you might want to start out small, say at $1000 a month. Within a few months, as you surpass that, you can aim at $1200 a month. Increase your targets by small increments, so that they're achievable for you. Never aim impossibly high, because you'll only get frustrated.

Of course, if you're an experienced writer, you could set your WEEKLY income goal to $1000 and moved upward from there.

There you have it: five steps to selling your writing services online. You'll find that if you follow these steps, you'll build up your business fast.

I wish you much success. I love selling my writing products and services online, and I'm busy building my own VRE. Within a short time, you can do the same. Please remember to take MASSIVE action. Look in the
ezine's Archives for the "massive action" article.

Welcome to a new writing world - you'll love the freedom, independence, and the security it brings you.


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