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* Issue # 3

* Date: October 25, 2006


* Editorial: Mark your calendars for 2007

* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Write about what you love

* Writing Resource: Quality Research Sites

* Article: Freelance Writing Your Life - Easy Articles


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[Editorial] Mark your calendar for 2007

Now we're in the final quarter of 2006, it's time to think about 2007. Effectively in magazine publishing, 2006 is history; I'm working on articles scheduled for next January and February for my magazine clients.

Got a story for St. Valentine's Day? Now's the time to submit it.

Some magazines publish their editorial calendars (the topics they'll be covering in 2007) and Wooden Horse Publishing at http://www.woodenhorsepub.com/ has a good selection. You can subscribe to the WH database for short periods of time to check out the calendars of publications you're interested in.

Happy planning! I wish you much freelance writing success until we meet again next week.

All best wishes



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* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Write about what you love

In the early 1990s, before the advent of the World Wide Web, I was a member of CompuServe, a Bulletin Board System. I LOVED the online environment. On CompuServe, I hung out at the shareware (try before you buy) software forums, and LOVED trying out PIMs (Personal Information Managers).

To get some value out of all the very-expensive time I was spending on CompuServe, I sent out queries to computer magazines. Finally I got some magazine commissions, and all these years later, I'm still writing for those same magazines. My relationship with those magazines has lasted longer than many marriages. And it all started because I wrote about something that I loved.

Your takeaway from this? If you LOVE writing about something, no matter what it is, eventually you'll be successful at it. Always write about what fascinates you. Writing is hard, when you do it day after day, and I couldn't imagine anything worse than having to write about something I wasn't interested in.


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* Writing Resource - Quality Research Sites

Factiva at:

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LexisNexis at

Super-big, and super-pricey too. Offers access to vast resources. Affordable at around $3 per article, or between $30 and $50 per day.

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* Article: Freelance Writing Your Life - Easy Articles

by Angela Booth

(c) Copyright 2006 Angela Booth. All Rights Reserved.

The easiest material you'll ever sell is based on your life, because the research is so easy.

I'm not suggesting that you write purely personal essays: I'm suggesting that you use the life passage that you're currently in for material. When I was a young mother, I wrote for parenting magazines, when I was running a business, I wrote for business magazines, and I've always written for writers' magazines. Along the way I've written about all the tensions and traumas of various life passages, because this kind of material is very easy to write and to sell.

Your life offers you a fantastic array of readymade material because everyone goes through the same life passages. Whatever your current age, you instinctively know things about your age group that no one of a different age group can know. This is great material for a freelance writer.

Let's see how this might work. Let's say that you're a stay-at-home parent. Ask yourself some questions, and write down the answers. What do you most like about staying at home with your children? What do you dislike? What's your greatest challenge? Pick one answer, and free write (write for ten minutes, without lifting your pen from the paper) about it for ten minutes.

Spend a couple of days free writing, and talking to other people who are in the same life passage. Find out what they like, dislike, and what their greatest challenges are.

You should now be bubbling with ideas for articles - perhaps you've even come up with an idea for a book. Send out some article proposals to magazines and Web sites. You can also write a few essay-length (under 600 words) articles to submit immediately.

Will all your articles sell? Some will, some won't. That's the nature of writing for money - not everything that you write will sell immediately. However, everything that you write has the potential to sell at some time. So, even if you don't sell five essays immediately, those essays could form the basic material for a book that you'll write ten years from now. Nothing you write is ever wasted.

Your life is material. Write about it.


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