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* Issue # 14

* Date: January 17, 2007



* Editorial: It's A Pro Blog Revolution - Get Highly Paid For Writing Snippets

* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Create Elegant Web Sites With Design Dashboard

* Article: Get Started Pro Blogging - It's A Writers' Gold Mine


Create A Writer's Web Site: It's The Key To A High Profile, And Your Ticket To A Six-Figure Income This Year

I created my first Web site in 1998. Since I had no real clue what I was doing, it took me three weeks. In 2006, creating a site took me a couple of days. Progress! However, now creating a new site and getting it online takes me a couple of hours. I use Design Dashboard to do this - and I'm looking forward to boosting my online income substantially this year because of this one program.

Whether you create sites for yourself as passive income generators, or for others, you'll love Design Dashboard:


Your writer's Web site is the key to generating higher paid work, and a high income, as we discussed in last week's "get known" article:



[Editorial] It's A Pro Blog Revolution - Get Highly Paid For Writing Snippets

Hi Fellow Scribe

I hope you're having a superb writing week, and that the words are tripping and bubbling from your fingertips like water flowing down a mountain stream.

This week's article introduces you to the
new, highly paid freelance writing art of pro (professional) blogging. In essence, you're paid healthy sums to write snippets.

If you're thinking "huh?" and that there has to be a catch to this writers' nirvana, relax. There's no catch. Blogs have caught on because of the high visibility they offer online. Not only do newspaper and magazine sites have blogs online, businesses both large and small know they need a blog to stand out above the crowd. Gartner Research estimates that in 2008, 80 per cent of businesses will have blogs.

Enter you, the fabulous freelance writer. Only a tiny number of writers have caught on to pro blogging as a writing gig. This means that there's little or no competition from other writers. And this is a great position to be in :-)

Read this week's article, and enter the glittering, golden world and glamorous world of the pro blogger.



P.S. If you like writing snippets and short material - many "mom" writers do, I know - I released my Special Report: "Quick Cash From Your Writing: Write Shorties - Write and sell short material" last week. "Write Shorties" helps you to sell snippets and fillers to magazines, newspapers and Web sites.

"Write Shorties" is on the Special Reports page, scroll down to the end:



** Struggling To Find Writing Gigs? **

Freelance writers just don't realize how much money there is to be made by writing for the Web: many writers use the Web as a research tool, they don't see the Web as a mass of millions of markets. They don't realize that Web sites are STARVED for good writers.

Want to get paid REAL money to write? How does upwards of $120 an hour sound to you? Discover "Writing For The Web" at:



* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Create elegant Web sites with Design Dashboard

Creating a Web site intimidates many writers. It seems confusing, and there's so much to learn.

While this was true years ago, creating one site or a whole battalion of sites to boost your freelance income is now as easy as using a word processor.

A superb new tool lets you create professional sites in a couple of hours. I love it, and I know that Design Dashboard will add many thousands of dollars to my freelance income this year.

Get started now - your first site can be online today - then watch your freelance career take off:


If you're already creating sites, add Design Dashboard to your toolbox too. I own Dreamweaver and Fireworks, but I use Design Dashboard every day to manage the entire process of site creation and promotion.


* Article: Get Started Pro Blogging - It's A Freelance Writers' Gold Mine

(c) Copyright 2007 Angela Booth. All Rights Reserved.

Pro blogging (also known as professional blogging, freelance blogging or entrepreneurial blogging) is a freelance writer's gold mine. You get well paid for writing snippets of information each weekday, or several times a week.

For around ten hours of work the top freelance bloggers earn upwards of $1000 a week. In word count terms, it equates to ten blog posts a week at 100 to 200 words, that is, a thousand words.

This compares favorably with respectable print freelance rates of a dollar a word. Some pro bloggers in specialist fields like health, business and technology earn $3 a word.

Now, heaven forbid that you think this is a myth - I've been paid these rates, and regularly turn down work, because I've got more blogging work than I can handle.

Pro blogging contracts are usually for three to six months. Since this is steady work, it's very appealing to many freelance writers. Your pro blogging client becomes your "anchor client", the client who pays your bills. Other freelance work you do is gravy.

You Set Your Own Pro Blogger Rates: Charge What You Want

The big benefit of pro blogging for both new and established freelance writers is that pro blogging is a new market. Only a tiny fraction of working freelance writers are aware of pro blogging. So if you start now, you have no competition, and it's easy to find businesses which are eager to have you start blogging for them. Established pro bloggers regularly turn down work - you can't blog for everyone. Currently in 2007 and for at least another five years, pro blogging is a provider's market: you get to be a price maker, instead of a price taker, as most freelance writers are.

If You Can Use A Word Processor, You Can Become A Pro Blogger

Writing a blog "post" as a blog item is called, is easy and fast. It usually takes around fifteen minutes to half an hour to write a post, including research time.

But what if you're not technically inclined? Even if you're a novice computer user, blogging has become super-easy. If you can use a word processor and send an email message, you can blog. Setting up a free blog at the world's largest blogging application, Blogger.com (owned by Google) takes around five minutes, even if you're totally new to the process.

Got A Specialty? Pro Blog In Your Freelance Writing Specialty And Get Very Well Paid

Many pro bloggers/ freelance writers find that pro blogging in their speciality, whether it's health, technology, or business, gets them faster work at a much higher rate. Specialists are always paid more than generalists, and if you're a specialist writer, the world is your pro blogging oyster.

Pro blogging is fun, it's easy, it's profitable - and it's the key to more highly paid work. When you blog, you get known as a writer, and getting known is vital for freelance writers in 2007 and beyond.


** Discover Pro Blogging And Increase Your Freelance Income **

What's pro blogging? Pro blogging is a fantastic way to make BIG money as a freelance writer. Find out how to pro blog with the blogging best-seller "Blogging For Dollars: How to become a career blogger -- in your PJs, if you want". It's my complete blogging ebook package, with free coaching/ consultations as well. Pro bloggers are making $1000 to $1500 a week for just a couple of hours of work each weekday.

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