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Whether you're a new freelance writer, or an established pro, there are hundreds of ways you can make money freelance writing.

I started my writing career in the 1970s (shock!) as a romance novelist. My first book was published by MacDonald-Futura in 1981, as part of a series. The series did well, both in hardcover and paperback.

(If you're interested in writing fiction, I've created
a site just for authors and novelists, to help you to write you novel, sell it to a publisher and promote it.)

At the same time, I wrote for women's magazines, and began to write copy. I'm still working as
a copywriter and magazine writer today. Along the way, I've written business books, under my own name, as well as ghostwriting books for others.

My point? As a freelancer writer, you can write whatever you feel like writing, as long as someone will pay for it.

In this section of the site, we'll look at ways you can make money as a freelance writer TODAY. I'm finding that I'm writing much more for the online world, and this mirrors the "real" world of writing. Magazine publishers are moving online, and book publishers are figuring out how they can make additional profits for themselves - and of course fo authors - by selling electronic versions of their books.

It's an exciting time to be a freelance writer!

Freelance write what? The types of writing for which you can be well paid

Occasionally I get emails from writers who are desperate to make money fast. These are either writers who've been writing as a hobby, and a crisis in their life means that need to make more money than their paid-work can bring them, or they're writers who've never paid much attention to money, and suddenly realize, like a blinding flash of the obvious - HEY I can make money at this.

Whether you need to make money fast or not, you need to know what the going rates are for various kinds of writing. has a good list, but (in 2007) it needs updating. Many of the rates are too low, but at least these figures give you a benchmark.

You can stay up to date on paid freelance writing via the
blog, and via the ezine.

Here are some ways to get paid as a freelance writer:

Make money as a freelance copywriter

Freelance copywriters write COPY. What's "copy"? Usually it's text for magazines and advertising, but it can also mean text that freelancers write for Web sites, manuals, radio advertising, audio-visual advertising and products (CDs, DVDs, speeches, presentations etc.)

In a nutshell, a freelance copywriter writes for businesses, for money.

Make money as a freelance blogger

Blogs became big news in 2004. Now everyone and his mother has a blog. Since many businesses now have blogs, blogging is becoming a lucrative writing field for freelancers.

Freelance writers are increasing finding lucrative blogging jobs. Why? Essentially because it's a cheap way for businesses to interact with their customers, and build their visibility online.

Make money as an Internet marketer/ Web publisher

You're a writer, so you have skills which are not only enviable, but also highly profitable. YOU can make a lot of money if you use your writing skills in Web publishing and marketing.

Many writers pull in lots of extra cash by creating their own Web sites, and promoting the products of other companies online - comes to mind with its "Associates" program.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of other companies which will pay you cash when you sell their products. Your writing skills can make you an automatic income, when you set up your own sites and blogs.

Make money writing for the Web

The Web is a huge marketplace for writers - if you can write, you can earn $150 an hour and more, just writing for the Web.

Stay up to date on all the great ways you can make money via my ebooks and courses for writers.