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* Issue # 13

* Date: January 10, 2007



* Editorial: Get known as a writer and get paid more

* Freelance Writing Tip of the Week: Become the next J.K. Rowling

* Article: Get Known as a Freelance Writer - Because People Buy From People They Know


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[Editorial] Get known as a writer and get paid more

Hi fellow wordsmith. I hope you're having a great writing week.

This week we're going to talk about how to get known as a writer.

It's essential that you become known as a writer, because once you become known not only will you sell more, but you will also be paid more for everything that you write. It's not by accident that the words "rich and famous" go together, nor is it an accident that actors court celebrity - every front page magazine cover adds another million or so to their fee for their next movie.

Years ago, Writers' Digest magazine conducted the survey which suggested that around 10 per cent of the American population wanted to write. Isn't the thought of all that competition enough to make your head spin?

Relax. It's easy to ace the competition.

Professional freelance writers devote around half their time each week to promotional activities to do just that - to stay ahead of the competition. This is highly necessary. Because if you don't devote this time, you will spend all your hours doing a low paid work. While this is fine that when you're a beginner, it's not so fine after your first year or two as a freelance writer - there are only so many hours in the day, and if you're just selling your time, you might as well be working in an office cubicle. :-) (Instead of propped up on the sofa, or in an armchair with Oprah droning away in the background as you write.)

Promotion Is The KEY To A Lucrative Freelance Income

Therefore, please learn how to promote your writing and your writing skills. And be prepared to spend your time on promotional activities. If you have 10 hours to write each week, five of those hours should be spent on promoting yourself. Within two or three months, you will be amazed that the fees you charge will double or triple, because you're known, and because you will have so many editors and clients who are eager to engage your services.

Read this week's article, and start to get known!



P.S. I will be spending more time in the coming months discussing how you go about promoting your writing in this ezine and on the Web site, so stay tuned.

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* Freelance Writing Tip Of The Week: Become the next J.K. Rowling

I was really excited when I heard that Randy Ingermanson, aka "the Snowflake Guy", had created a couple of fiction courses. Randy has the talent of explaining the HOW of writing fiction. My blog posting on the Snowflake Process is one of my most popular posts. What's more, I know that his process works, because I've used it with my own writing students.

If you love story telling, and feel that you may have the next Harry Potter percolating away inside your brain, Randy has developed fiction courses for both new and experienced novelists - Fiction 101 and Fiction 201, downloadable and transportable, so that you can learn how to write a great novel, no matter where you are.

With both courses, you get both PDF lectures AND MP3 audio files (listen on your computer, or on any MP3 player).

Randy covers everything you need to know to confidently create characters, an intriguing story world, a page-turner plot, and much more.

I heartily recommend this course to you if you want to learn freelance novel writing fast, or if you're stuck writing a novel - Randy excels as a writing teacher, so with Randy's course, a little creativity, and a few months, you can book your spot on the bestseller lists -


BTW, Randy offers some free stuff too, so you can download those goodies, and decide for yourself whether you like his teaching style as much as I do.


* Article: Get Known as a Freelance Writer - Because People Buy From People They Know

(c) Copyright 2007 Angela Booth. All Rights Reserved.

If you want to sell your writing you need to become known. If you don't become known as a writer, you will spend your entire career working for low rates and struggling to find freelance writing work.

You must become known as a writer because people have to trust you to do business with you:

* Editors must know your style and that you'll be able to deliver on deadline, because other people depend on you producing what you have contracted to produce.

* Publishers must know that you will produce when you're under contract, and that you will finish any book for which they have paid you an advance on royalties.

* Business people must know you as a copywriter, because they must be certain that your writing will get the results they want.

How to Get Known As a Freelance Writer

In 2007, there are only two or three steps to becoming known as a writer:

One: Create a Web site with your online portfolio. There are many fr*ee services which allow you to do this, including Google's Page Creator, which costs you zero - nothing at all, zilch. I've tested this service, and it takes less than half an hour to create a site. AND/ OR:

Two: Create a blog. You can use a blog in exactly the same way you use a Web site, because a blog is a Web site. However a blog is usually much easier to update and manage if you're inexperienced online promoter. WordPress lets you create a free blog with many advanced features, so you can grow your blogging. BTW - professional blogging is a great way to earn a good freelance writing income.

Three: When you've put up your Web site or blog, just direct people to that online address. You can use your URL (Web site address) attached to every e-mail message that you send, and can also publicise your URL in many other ways.

Are there other things you need to do to get known as a freelance writer?

Yes of course there are, but putting up a site or a blog is the easiest thing you can do, and it's also the most effective. I've often told the story of the first website I created in 1998, which I didn't update for at least four years but which nevertheless got me lots of work in those four years.

Your Web site or a blog means fast and easy no-hands promotion.

Once you've created your Web site or blog, start collecting e-mail addresses of people who may be interested in your writing. Just put a small form on your site, which collects subscribers.

The More References to Your Name Online The Better

There are dozens of ways that you can promote yourself using a your Web site, and we'll discuss some of them in future articles. In the meantime, if you haven't created a site, please do it at once. If you already have a Web site, go and update it with some examples of the types of writing work that you do.

Remember that half your working time needs to be devoted to promotional activities. Becoming known will boost your income because it will mean that you can raise your rates as often as you please.


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