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Welcome to Fab Freelance Writing.

My name is
Angela Booth, and I've been a freelance writer for almost 30 years.

This site for is for freelance writers, so I can share some of my hard-won knowledge about the freelance writing life.

If you want to develop a successful freelancing career, Fab Freelance Writing shows you not only how to get writing jobs, but also how to get better jobs by developing your writing skills.

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Fab Freelance Writing Blog for daily information on how to build your freelance writing career.

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You'll also find more writing information and tips at my personal writing blog, Angela Booth's Writing Blog.

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If you can fill a page with words, you can fill three hundred pages with words, and you can write your way to riches.

A book is more than a collection of pages, of course. A novel requires engaging characters and a page-turner plot. A nonfiction book needs to meet a demand.

So what does your book need?

* Your book needs an audience: the way publishing works today, you must prove to a publisher that an audience exists for your book. So market research is vital, before you start writing.

* Your book needs an agent and publisher;

* While you write, and after your book is published, you'll need to promote your book: as the author, that's a most important task, and all publishers require their authors to take an active role in marketing.

If you've ever thought "I could write a book", my exclusive new membership site will help you to not only write your book, but get it published too.

In addition, you'll be starting a home-based business, with no barriers to entry at all. Authors (writers who write books) take their office with them - just a notebook and pen, or a computer.

Join me on a great and profitable adventure - writing your book. Discover how to write a book that sells, and get started on your new career today.

Writing manuals from Angela Booth: discover how to turn your writing skill into money

If you've ever wanted to turn your writing talent into cash, my series of ebook writing manuals will make it easy for you. I know how hard it is to get started as a writer, and how much conflicting advice is out there, online and offline.

Genuine how-to-write info that works

I've lived every word in my writing books - you get information which has worked not only for me, but also for hundreds of my writing students. When you buy one of my books you get information that's guaranteed to work for you, and with several of the ebooks, you get personalized coaching as well.

Current how-to-write ebooks by Angela Booth

* First Steps in Your Copywriting Career: cash in on the demand for business writers, by Angela Booth ? Interested in writing for business? Discover how YOU can build a brilliant and lucrative copywriting career.

Writing Success with Blogs, by Angela Booth. How to use your blog to start, develop and power your writing career.

* Blogging For Dollars: How to become a career blogger -- in your PJs, if you want ? and make more money than you thought possible with zero financial investment

Writing For The Web

Top 70 Writing Tips To Help You To Write More

Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success - yes, you can become a copywriter with clients in just seven short days.

Latest ebooks - get your writing into high gear

The opportunities for freelance writers are endless, it seems. Here are the latest ebooks to help you to take advantage of them, and to ensure that YOU develop a six-figure income from your writing,

Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success, new 2007 edition - The secret, unlimited market for your writing which generates a fantastic writing income

I'll let you in to a secret. The top earners in writing are copywriters. That is, commercial writers ? they write for businesses. (Writing for business is known as copywriting.) Like most other writers, I stumbled onto copywriting by accident. I started my writing career as a romance novelist. Then I wrote for magazines (I still do), and wrote books. Along the way, people started asking me to write advertising and publicity materials, and I got my first copywriting clients. Can you write copy? Of course you can.
Find out how - you can set as a freelancer (and have your first clients, within seven short days.)

Beat Your Paycheck! Web Writing SECRETS: How Make More Money With Web Writing Than You Ever Will With A Paycheck... In A Month Or Less

As a writing teacher, I work with new writers every day. Many would love to leave their day job, but they don't yet have the skills to write copy for corporate clients, or for national magazines. Working from home as a writer seems like a dream. Many promising writers give up writing because their lives are too busy - with a full-time job and family, they're too tired to write.
If this describes YOU, I've found a solution. I asked a new writer who's making great money writing for the Web to
share his secrets. He's happy to do so.

The Perfect Article Writing System - Great fun, easy money

I'm always looking for fun, easy ways to make money writing, and this is one of the easiest ever. When I found this ebook I knew I had to pass it on to you. You'll love it, especially if you've heard all the talk about writers making six-figure incomes and wondered... how do they do that?

Some of them do it very easily, by writing simple articles, as you'll find out in this excellent ebook,
Turn Content Into Cash: Article Success Secrets. If you're a writer who's been dreaming of a second income, or are someone who wants to make writing a full-time career, this ebook I've dubbed the "Perfect Article Writing System" is for you. It's a complete system, which is based on writing articles - yes, just on writing articles, nothing else.

Step By Step Action Guide - Your Roadmap to Goal Achievement

Achieve ANY goal you set, step by step.

Write and Sell an eBook: Every Writer's Quick-Action Guide To Writing Ebooks

Your words, your profit - creating ebooks and selling them is easy.

Read the Fab Freelance Writing Ezine archives

The Fab Freelance Writing Ezine Archives are packed with information to help you to write your way to six-figure income success.

NEW: "Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success" - the complete guide to starting and managing your own copywriting services business

7 Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success
"Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success"

"Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success" is the the complete guide to starting and managing your own copywriting services business.

Discover copywriting - become a pro copywriter FAST. I (Angela) wrote the first edition of "Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success" in 2002, because I knew that most freelance writers have no idea how to
get started as a copywriter. In 2002, the ebook was unique, and it remains unique. It's based on my own experiences of what's effective, so you won't get any clueless rehashed material here.

In 2007,
"Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success" has been updated for today's copywriter. It's an essential tool to helping you to the writing income you deserve.

Writers' Tools - the tools you need for a wildly successful freelance writing career today

More and more pro freelance writers are moving their careers online, because that's where everyone else is heading. Whatever markets you're writing for (even print books) there's an online component. It's a brave writer these days who admits to not having a Web site.

In 2007, I'll be spending more time developing Web sites, both for myself and others, and writing Web content, again for myself and others.

The two tools I use everyday and heartily recommend are:

PLR Pro - kickstart your sites with content, and get them online and earning fast, and XSite Pro, the fastest way to develop money-making Web sites.

I'll be writing about how to use these tools in the ezine. BTM - watch for our new ezine site -
Fab Writers' Ezine. Fab Freelance Writing Ezine is all grown up, and is getting its very own site. UPDATE - the new site is live.

Make money writing for the Web - it's easy

You can make money
writing for the Web, the opportunities are enormous.

Because Web writing is an exploding venue for freelance writers, it deserves its own blog:
Fab Web Writer. Look on the new blog as a companion blog to Fab Freelance Writing Blog.

And, because writing ebooks is a great money maker for Web writers, ebook writers get a site of their own, at
Top Ebook Writer. Read the companion ebook, to kickstart your ebook writing career.

New site for Fab Freelance Writing Ezine Archives

The archives for Fab Freelance Writing Ezine now have their own space - you'll always find the latest issue at Fab Writers Ezine.

I finally decided to create a new site because I received constant messages about previous issues - "where's the issue on promoting yourself online?" or "where's the issue on writing ebooks" etc. :-) So it was much easier to create a new site with a built-in indexing system with tags. The latest issue of the ezine will always be in one place - at
Fab Writers Ezine.

The earlier issues will
remain here.

Four NEW Blogs - Web writing, copywriting, writing ebooks, and writing books

I've started FOUR new blogs. Here they are:

Fab Web Writer - Write for the Web: easy, lucrative... what's not to like? :-)

Top Ebook Writer - Write and sell ebooks: lots of money... easy... is it for you?

Seven Days To East Money: Copywriting Success - yes, a blog for my ebook of the same name.

Just Write A Book Blog - the companion site to my exclusive new membership site which helps you to write YOUR book.

Returns and refunds - please ask questions before you buy

I hope that you will be thrilled with your product, but since this site offers non-tangible irrevocable goods, no returns are possible, and no refunds are available, so please choose carefully and if you have questions, please ask them before you buy. Many products offer free coaching, and you can take your coaching at any time within one year from the date of purchase.

However, should you feel that any product is not as described and that you require a refund on this basis, then please contact me. The deadline for any refund claim is one week after purchase.

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