Make Money Writing How-To Articles

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If you'd like to discover how to make a couple of thousand dollars for writing 500 words, read on. The Web is a web of information. People access the Web looking for solutions to their problems. If you can provide how-to solutions in 200 to 1000 words, you can make money writing - simply, easily, and best of all, quickly.

So, what do you know that other people would like to know? You have information you've gathered from work experiences, from your interests, and from your own problems which you've managed to solve.

Make a list of problems you've had, that you've solved successfully. Try to generate a long list, of 50 or more problems you've solved. Don't think too hard about it, just think about your life experiences, and what they've taught you.

Sort your problems into broad subject areas. You might have ten problems you've solved in parenting, fifteen you've solved in budgeting, and another ten problems you've solved in losing weight successfully.

Go ahead and write how-to articles on five of your problems.

Here's the structure for your how-to articles:

Introduction: State the problem

Body Of The How-To: Write the body of the article in step by step fashion, using bullet points, or numbering your paragraphs.

Closing Summary: Bring the article full circle by referring back to your introduction.

You're done!

When Your Words Are Worth Money To Others, They're Worth Money To You

Now comes the fun part. You can go ahead and sell your articles to others if you wish. However, remember that if your articles are worth money to others, they're worth much more money to you.

You'll make more money from your articles if you set up a small Web site and publish them there. Add some text advertising to your pages, or add some affiliate links, and your articles will continue to generate money for you for months and years.

Writing how-to articles is easy and fun. Get started now, and make money from your knowledge.

Writing how-to articles is just one way in which you can make money writing for the Web. Discover many other ways in my ebook, Writing For The Web.

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