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If you’ve been considering offering copywriting services to your clients, but weren’t sure how to start, you need this powerful program.

* Discover the THREE lucrative types of copy YOU can write, even if you have zero copywriting training;

* Discover how to get clients FAST;

* Revealed: three secrets of setting up a  copywriting business — even if you’re a new writer.


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Angela Booth
Angela Booth

Here’s a fact: copywriters make more money than most writers. (If you’re not clear on just what copywriting is: it’s sales writing.)

Not only do they make more money, but copywriters also get lots of repeat business. A client may only need you five times a year, but when he does, you’re his “go to” person for writing… and he won’t quibble about your fees.

Since they get so much work from their clients, most copywriters I know are booked solid, months in advance. They have waiting lists. I’ve been writing copy since the mid-1980s. Many of my clients have been with more for a decade and more.

Copywriters have clients on retainer and get lots of repeat business for simple reasons: confidentiality (the client knows and trusts you); and speed — once you understand a client’s business it’s easier to hire you than break in someone new.

Can You Write Copy if You’re Not a Copywriter? This copywriting course online shows you how

Many of my writing students ask : “can  you write copy if you’re not a copywriter?”.  It’s a good question. They see copywriting gigs which pay well, and rightly want some of the action.

Answer: yes, you can. There are simple types of copywriting gigs which any writer can handle. They pay well — you should charge over $90 per hour. If you’re an experienced writer, you should charge $140 to $200 an hour.

Since this question comes up again and again, I’ve created a package for you, if you want to get some of the copywriting action.

Here it is — copywriting gigs YOU can write, and can profit from:

Copywriting YOU Can Do – What Will You Write As a Copywriter?

Copywriting You Can Do

Discover that:

* You can step into copywriting, even if you’re a complete beginner;

* Copywriting is just writing, with a sales twist: the three easiest types of copy beginners can write, and how to write them;

* You can get the lucrative copywriting gigs you want: copywriting is sales writing. Your clients are making money from your words, so they EXPECT to pay you well…

* You can get clients fast: the Web’s made it easier than ever to promote the services you provide.

In this program, we cover three types of copy:

* audio-visual copy – that is, scripts, presentations, podcasts, videos and so on;

* catalog copy; and

* news releases.

Writing copy – writing for business promotion – is a lot of fun, and since you’ve been exposed to advertising right throughout your life. I’ve always said that if you can write a letter, you can write copy. These three kinds of copy are in high demand, and clients pay well for them.

This program will help you to earn top money as a freelance copywriter. In addition to showing you copywriting YOU can do, I’ve also added information you’ll find useful in building your copywriting career.

Copywriting course online: Copywriting YOU Can Do

You receive 49 pages of practical advice you can use TODAY.

Explore the THREE kinds of copywriting every writer can do, even if you’re a brand new writer. We go through the three kinds of copy, with exercises and examples, so you can get started writing immediately.

And there’s more…

INCLUDES 2 audio lessons — listen, learn, and earn…

2 audio lessons

You receive two audio lessons in MP3, with PDF files:

Speed Writing Copy, and

How to Get Regular Clients and Make $10,000 a Month

You can listen to your lessons anywhere.

Both lessons contain exercises, and I walk you through them in the audios. You receive PDFs too, so you can follow along with the exercises.


This program is closed. Click here for currently available programs.

, on Twitter: @angee, and find Angela on Pinterest, too.

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Angela Booth is a copywriter, author published by major publishers, and writing teacher. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills at her online store. She also provides inspiration and motivation for writers on her writing blogs. Angela has been writing successfully since the late 1970s, and was online in the 1980s, long before the birth of the Web. Her novels and business books have been widely published.

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  1. I have purchased writing E-Books and just yesterday the Copywriting information. However, I am a new writer so I am having a hard time getting started and knowing where to start. Maybe I should take advantage of Angela’s coaching to try to know what are the first steps to take in getting started. E-mail or IM would work for me. Thanks.