Article Writing – Seven Steps to Write More and Sell More Articles

If you can write a steady stream of articles to purchasers’ specifications, you can make a great income. Articles are a free form of advertising for many Web sites, so there’s a high demand.

Let’s look at how you can write more articles, and sell more.

1. Your articles must provide quality information, so choose salable topics in which you have a background

Businesses will not use your articles on their Web sites if the articles are junk, so your articles should not simply be rehashes of information that’s widely available.

Although you can see many examples of online articles which are just waffle, you’ll get more buyers for your articles with quality. So your articles must provide good, useful information.

In order to provide these authoritative articles, you need a background in what you’re writing about, or the ability to research quickly.

Chances are that you have a grounding in many salable topics already – business, technology, and health. Writing in these areas in which you have a background means that you can write more, because less research is required.

2. Become a expert in keywords – article marketing is based on keywords

Keywords are vital for Web articles used for article marketing. Without the appropriate keywords, the articles will not be found online. So study keywords and search engine optimization (SEO). This knowledge will mean that you can write more, and write faster – and you can charge more for your articles too.

3. Create your own article templates

Create some templates for your articles. With your templates created, writing an article just means filling in the appropriate areas on the template. It speeds your article writing.

4. Outline, draft, write – become an article production factory

Develop an article writing workflow. Here’s my workflow step by step – copy it, and adjust it to your needs.

In any given day, I’ll write five to ten articles. Often, I know what the general topic for the article will be. So if I’m writing ten articles, I:

* Write ten titles

* Outline all ten articles

* Do research for those articles which need information I don’t already know

* Draft each article, one after another. (When drafting, I just write without stopping, following my outline for each article.)

* Then I revise each article, adding information, improving the title, the introduction, and the resource box.

* Finally I check that I’ve included the appropriate keywords in each article, and revise them to create the final copy.

On some days, I write all the articles I need to write in one session, taking several breaks to exercise and clear my mind. On other days, I combine writing articles with doing other necessary business chores.

5. Check to see which articles develop new ideas

Inevitably, when you’re writing fast, articles inspire ideas for new articles.

I write down ideas and titles for new articles while I’m writing and revising – often ten articles give me ideas for 20 more.

6. Got a Web site? It’s your article-sales hub

A Web site is vital. It’s an advertisement for your article writing business. Get a site, and expand on it when you can. Use your SEO skills on your own site to improve your search engine visibility.

7. Use article marketing to promote your article writing and get customers fast

Finally, use article marketing – posting free articles to article directories – to promote your article writing business.

So, there you have seven steps to help you to write more and sell more articles. Follow the steps: they lead to success, and a great income.

You can turn article writing into a fabulous home based business. The entire first month of Sell Your Writing Online NOW training is devoted to helping you to write and sell articles.

Discover the world of Web writing – make a great income writing from home, or from anywhere

Sell Your Writing Online NOW

There’s great money in Web writing. Some Web writers are making $20,000 a month by blogging for a stable of sites. Others are writing articles or ebooks.

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Freelance Writing for the Web – Three Super-Hot Money-making Areas

With the explosive growth of the Web, freelance writing for the Web has turned into a huge industry. There are so many opportunities in Web writing, that even new writers are starting home businesses based on Web writing. You can too, even if you’ve never written a word for money.

Let’s look at three hot money-making areas in Web writing. By the way, the first two of these opportunities demand no great writing skill, so even if you’re a completely new writer, you’ll find plenty of writing jobs.

1. Web articles – Web sites need articles, and they need them now

Web sites need content, specifically text content. That means articles. If you can write articles of some 400 to 600 words, you can based an entire Web writing business just on writing articles.

The topics Web site owners need depend on the industry of each Web site. Business sites want articles on business topics, health sites want health articles, computer gaming sites want articles on popular games, and so on.

To get experience in writing articles for the Web, go to one of the many out-sourcing sites, and bid on some jobs. You won’t make much income on these sites, because the writers tend to under-bid. However, you will get a lot of priceless experience.

2. The blog phenomenon – blogging appeals to many writers, because it’s on-going work

For Web site owners, blogs are magic. A blog “post” (as small blog articles are called) can become indexed by the search engines and available to Web surfers within 24 hours. This makes blogs valuable to site owners; therefore many owners are looking for bloggers.

As with articles, check out the out-sourcing sites for blog jobs, but first, create a small blog of your own so you can see how it all works.

3. Creating and selling Web sites – highly lucrative for experienced writers

After they’ve been freelance writing on the Web for a while, many writers turn to writing and selling Web sites. Writers have the skills to develop attractive sites, so people who are looking for a fast way to get started in their own Web businesses buy these sites.

There you have it – three ways you can make money freelance writing for the Web. As your skills increase, so will your opportunities.

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There’s great money in Web writing. Some Web writers are making $20,000 a month by blogging for a stable of sites. Others are writing articles or ebooks.

Want to jump on this opportunity? No matter what your level of writing skill, you can make great money writing for the Web too.

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Your Web writing Business: Get started Article Marketing Today

If you can write well enough to write an email message you can make money writing for the Web with article marketing.

How much money?

That’s up to you. There are hundreds of thousands of products you can sell with article marketing. It’s possible to make much more than you make with your day job (even a highly paid one). It all depends on how how keen you are; basically on how much you write.

Get started making money: find something to sell

Your first step in article marketing is to find something to sell. Perhaps you’re already an affiliate for a product or service.

(An “affiliate” is someone who promotes a product or service in order to get a commission on a sale.)

If you’re not yet an affiliate, visit some of the popular affiliate networks, and sign up. Choose a product to sell, and you’re good to go.

Here’s a tip: promote products or services which you’ve used, and which you like. It’s much easier to promote something when you have personal experience with it.

Write a couple of articles and post them online

As an article marketer, you promote your products by writing articles, and your primary tool is the “resource” or “bio box” at the end of the article.

So write a couple of articles to promote your affiliate product. The reason for writing a couple at one session is that once you’re warmed up, it’s as easy to write two articles as it is to write one – the second article will take you much less time than the first.

Now spend some time crafting a good resource box. This is your chance to be paid for your writing, so make your resource box effective. Ask yourself WHY someone would want to buy the product you’re promoting, and emphasize that in your resource box.

You can post your articles to an article directory online, or you can set up a Web page at Squidoo, and post your articles there.

Article marketing is very easy, and it’s profitable too. It’s the ideal way to start your Web writing business.

Discover the world of Web writing – make a great income writing from home, or from anywhere

Sell Your Writing Online NOW

There’s great money in Web writing. Some Web writers are making $20,000 a month by blogging for a stable of sites. Others are writing articles or ebooks.

Join the Web writing gold rush with Angela Booth’s comprehensive training: “Sell Your Writing Online Now”.

Writing and thriving in the looming recession

Worried about a recession? Many freelance writers are wondering what a global slowdown will do to their freelance writing careers.

I wrote about the looming recession in the Editorial in this week’s Fab Freelance Writing Ezine:

After every boom comes a bust, and the world economy may be in for some rough times. What does this mean for you as a freelance writer?

If you’re a part-time freelancer, it means that your part-time writing is more important to you than ever. Companies will be trimming budgets and letting go staff. Your part-time writing can bring in income, when income from your job may not be secure.

If you’re a full-time writer, a recession is partly good news. As companies let go staff in marketing and other areas, they out-source more. This means you can pick up more clients and more writing gigs. However, while there’s plenty of gigs around, you need to be even more careful that you don’t get scammed. You also need to stay on top of your pricing. If you’re under-charging, you won’t survive.

So whatever your situation: part-time writer, or full-time freelance writer, writing more is your key to thriving in a recession – or at any time for that matter.

A recession can be good news for your freelance writing career if:

* You develop your writing skills in “hot demand” areas like copywriting;

* You set a pricing structure which works for you. As stated, in a recession environment you’ll get a lot of scammers who want you to write for free; others will slow-pay you. Get a retainer before you start writing;

* You devote more time to promoting your writing services – marketing is essential. In boom times, you can skip marketing and get low-paid gigs, in a recession, the low-paid gigs are fewer. This is a GOOD thing, believe it or not. 🙂

Discover Blogging, the Freelancers’ Nirvana

What’s a blog? A blog is a fantastic way to make BIG money as a freelance writer.

How much money? Several bloggers I know are making between $15,000 and $20,000 dollars A MONTH. Not bad pocket change. 🙂

Find out how to blog with the blogging best-seller “Blogging For Dollars: How to become a career blogger — in your PJs, if you want”. It’s my complete new ebook package, with free coaching/ consultations as well.


Build your freelance writing business every day with marketing

Want to make a great income as a freelance writer?

Here’s the advice I give my writing students: market every day.

Marketing (in the sense of promotion) is the lifeblood of every successful business. If you’ve recently made the transition from paid employment to your own business, you may find the marketing concept difficult to get your head around. When you’re working for someone else, they handle all the marketing.

An employer’s marketing efforts may be invisible to the staff. The marketing may consist of: a yearly Yellow Pages ad, local advertising, attendance at trade shows, private networking, and outsourced telemarketing.

If you’re a solo operator, at least 40 per cent of your working time each week needs to be spent on marketing. You need to have processes in place so that you can simply get it done without thinking too much about it. If marketing is difficult for you, it’s because you don’t have the processes in place which make it easy.

You can choose to spend half your daily working time marketing, or you can devote a couple of days each week to marketing. Your choice. But you must get it done.

How you choose to market your freelance writing services is up to you, as long as you do it.

My ebook writing manual “You CAN Sell Your Writing Now: Marketing Skills For Writers” teaches you essential marketing skills.

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