Self publishing for freelance writers - keep all the profits

Is self publishing the answer for you if you want to make money writing a book? It may be.

When you go the traditional publishing route, you face many challenges

If you want to make money as a writer, writing books and publishing them the traditional way is challenging. There's no guarantee that your book will even be accepted by a publisher for example, and if it is accepted, there's no guarantee that you'll be recompensed for the time you spent writing it.

In addition, when you follow the traditional publishing route there are many challenges; the greatest one is the time it takes to get published in the traditional way. From the day you get the idea, to your book appearing on bookstore shelves, count on two to three years.

Self publishing is becoming more popular because you make money immediately

Self publishing, especially self publishing ebooks, is highly popular. There are many reasons for this, the primary one is that as the author of your self published book, you keep all the profits.

You can self publish a paper book using a method called Print On Demand (POD), or you can publish your book as an ebook. Either way, you can make money within a month or two, as compared to years with the traditional publishing method of shopping your book proposal around among major publishers.

The secret of making money by self publishing - promotion

As a self published author, you're responsible for everything, and this makes you a business person. And as with anyone selling anything, you need to promote your product - your book.

You can promote your self published book in many ways; as many as you can think up. These include creating a Web site, and a blog, writing news releases, and promoting your book locally.

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