ebook plus coaching: Writing Success with Blogs by Angela Booth

Get the writing success you deserve by taking the first steps into the new world for writers: instant publishing on blogs

Want to build an amazing writing career? You can.

This ebook tells you what, how, when, where and why you should blog for writing success. Get started blogging, today, and watch your writing career take off.

Writing Success with Blogs

Hi Fellow Writer
Angela Booth
Angela Booth

Welcome to a new world for writers – the world of free, instant publishing on blogs. You can now be read almost as fast as you can type.

What does this mean to you?

If you're a new writer, it means that you can get the attention of readers, editors and publishers for your writing. Forget the slush pile: you can build an audience of readers, and once you have readers, you can attract the attention of publishers.
Publishers love writers who "get" blogging.

If you're an established writer, it means that you can find new markets for your work through the contacts you'll make with your blog. It also means that you're building a platform for your writing: this makes you much more appealing to publishers.

If you're a
copywriter (writer for business) it means that you can find clients for your writing services: clients come to you. No more hunting for writing gigs.

Blogging effortlessly builds your writing career and platform - for free

Many writers are hesitant about blogs. They see a blog as "writing for free". However, writing on your blog isn't writing for free. It's writing for promotion.

Successful writers PROMOTE themselves. Unsuccessful writers wonder why their career is stuck in first gear.

Writers blog for many reasons in addition to self promotion:

* as an relaxed, casual creative outlet;

* to explore ideas, and become more creative;

* to network and make friends;

* to gain name recognition and publicity for their current projects;

* to get new clients;

* to get writing contracts.

I blog for purely selfish reasons. I blog to gain publicity for my copywriting business, my coaching for writers, and manuals for writers.

But here's a secret: blogging's FUN. Blogging means that I connect to my writing every day in a casual, playful way. Simply put, my blogs help me to be more creative and enjoy ALL my writing, paid and unpaid, more.

This ebook is compiled from my Pro Write workshop available at
http://www.prowrite.biz/ In this ebook you'll find the complete workshop, as well as updates and additional material I've added since I wrote the workshop early in 2005.

Get started blogging: for fun, to build a writing career, or to boost your writing career

If blogging is new to you, this ebook will help you to get started. If you're an experienced blogger, I hope that the book gives you inspiration and ideas.

In four chapters, you'll discover the advantages (and disadvantages) of blogging, whether you're a new writer or an experienced pro. You'll learn blog terminology, and how to make the most of your blog when you've set it up.

The ebook shows you how to build your blog, and your career at the same time. You'll discover that your blog may just take your writing career in a new direction.

You'll also discover how to use your blog as a marketing tool and a platform for all your writing.

Not only do you get this 22-page ebook which shows you how to blog for writing success, but you also get my guidance at any time.

Coaching is free with purchase - become a blogging maestro quickly

"Writing Success With Blogs" includes half an hour of FREE email coaching with me with purchase; this is a $300 value. I want you to blog with style and confidence. You can develop a six figure writing income just from blogging. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Coaching is via email and Skype. You'll receive instructions with your ebook download.

Just $67: start your writing success with blogs TODAY.

Buy now via PayPal -- you can download your ebook and get started RIGHT NOW, – you have my personal guarantee and instant help and guidance.


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