Write and Sell Bundle

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Your Write and Sell Bundle: 3 bestselling products, one unrepeatable price: once they’re gone, they’re GONE for good….

Write and Sell Bundle


It’s Vanishing Guides time again. We’ve got more great products coming, so these bestsellers will shortly be gone for good. You receive them at an unrepeatable price.

Who are they for? They’re for you, if:

  • You’re a new writer, who wants to make money right away;
  • You’re an established writer, and want to diversify your writing;
  • You’re an intermediate writer, who wants to get better clients.

Here’s what’s included in Write and Sell…

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You’re A Celebrity: Advertising And Branding Tricks For Writers

advertising for writers


All the powerfully practical information you need on branding and advertising. Get eager clients at the rates you want; raise your rates – even if other writers are lowering theirs. Most importantly of all, realize that TOP clients are looking for YOU.

Read the full description here.

Write to Flip: How to Make An EXTRA $1000 a Week (OR MORE) Writing and Flipping Websites (without working up a sweat)

write to flip

I started creating sites when I realized that sites are online real estate, and depending on the income these sites are making, people are willing pay for them – often very handsomely. Virtual real estate is a better investment than offline real estate.

Website “flipping” – creating websites to sell – is ideal for writers. You have the requisite skills. You just need to do what comes naturally: create, write and collect the cash.

Read the program description here.



Article Maestro — Build a Powerful Writing Career by Writing Articles

Article Maestro

Includes THREE of my top-selling products, compiled into a comprehensive article writing and selling program.

Full details here.






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