4 Fun, Creative Ways to Make Money Writing (Without a Website)

My about.me page

 My about.me page

There are endless ways to make money writing, so let’s look at four easy, fun and creative ways which don’t depend on you having a website. Some writers put creating a website into the “too hard” basket.

“Creating a website” came up as one of the biggest challenges for writers in a recent survey I created. When I’m coaching writers, especially new writers, my initial aim is to give the writer some confidence. The easiest way to do this is to help the writer make some money. Sales give you confidence.

So, whether you have a website or not, here are some ways to play online, promote yourself as a writer, and get some cash at the same time.

1. Pinterest boards: pin yourself

Here are some of my Pinterest boards. Pinterest makes more sales than all the other social media networks combined, and it’s easy to use. When I’m coaching writers, I encourage them to use Pinterest for those reasons.


  • Using Pinterest as your “website”

Create a Pinterest board for your writers’ portfolio. Link your pins to your about.me page. Here’s my about.me page. Creating this page takes minutes, and it provides an easy way for clients to get in touch with you. About.me is becoming something of a social network in its own right. You can make income when you use Pinterest and about.me together.

If you have clients, by all means create boards for them. This promotes your clients, and promotes you, as well. Encourage your clients to link to the boards you create for them.

  • Creating “tip boards”

Let’s say you have a client who’s a veterinarian. Create a “50 dog training tips” board. Use a free online image editor like Pixlr to create your tip images. Number your tips, and post a couple a week. Again, encourage your client(s) to link to your board(s) from their website.

2. Selz online store: sell stuff for yourself and others

I LOVE Selz. Here’s my online store at Selz. Selz is the easiest way ever to sell online. You can sell both digital and physical products.

You can sell things for yourself, and for others.

3. Amazon: create fast ebooks

The Amazon Kindle bookstore is hugely popular. You can create ebooks fast, and build up your own Kindle empire. No website required.

4. Google+ and/ or Facebook pages

Use Google+ and Facebook pages much as you use Pinterest. It’s very easy to use pages you create on these sites as faux websites. Create your online portfolio there, and promote your clients as well.

When you promote your clients, encourage them to link to your pages on the social media sites. Most are happy to do so, because you’re promoting them.

Please don’t be shy: ASK. I tend to cajole my students into this, and nine times out of ten, not only do they get the link, they also get another gig, when the client asks them to set up pages for them.

I hope you get some ideas from this article on how you can make money from your writing WITHOUT a website. Of course, I encourage you to create at least one website, too. But there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, so have fun creating. You’ll make money.

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Updated on: June 28, 2015


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