Ebook Publishing: Try Ebook-Only Publishers and Imprints

Writing and Selling Kindle Ebooks

Judging by what some of my students (not all) are saying, publishing ebooks freaks them out. 🙂

If you’re suffering from an attack of nerves, self-publishing isn’t the only option.

Here’s something to consider — ebook-only imprints. Smaller publishers have been around for years, and new ones are popping up all over.

Ebook-Only Publishers and Imprints

Here’s an example: Siren-Bookstrand publishes 100 new titles a month. They publish some excellent authors.

Ellora’s Cave is another well-known e-publisher if you write erotica.

Obviously, I’m not familiar with all small publishers, so here’s a list of e-publishers.

BIG TIP: if you want to find an e-publisher, look in the ebooks you buy. The front matter will tell you who published the book. Look them up online, and contact them. Usually they’ll have a Submissions or Write for Us page.

There are dozens of these small publishers, so don’t feel as if you’ll miss out if you’re nervous about publishing your ebooks. You don’t need to do it yourself if you don’t want to. Of course, you’ll give up some of your profits, but it may well be worth it to you.

That said…

A little warning, if you’re going to submit to ANY publisher. READ THE CONTRACT. Please, please do this — and yes, I’m begging. This is only commonsense. You need to read every contract you sign. You wouldn’t believe some of the tricks even huge multinational publishers try to put across on writers. I had one large publishing house try to copyright a book in its own name, for example. That was one clause I gleefully stuck out of the contract.

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