Create Your Kindle Ebook Empire FAST

Last week, I told you about the way to publish novels on the Kindle without writing them yourself.

Fiction is HOT on the Kindle; it out-sells nonfiction 6 to 1.

You don’t have to sell novels, you can just sell short stories. An online forum member posted that she’d started publishing her short stories on the Kindle platform. In 12 days, she published four stories at $2.99 each, and made $130. Of course, that’s just the start for her. As she creates more, she’ll sell more.

Let’s say you want to stick with NONFICTION however. You need a way of coming up with Kindle ebook ideas which SELL.

I have my own ways of getting ideas which work for me, but I’m always open to new strategies. So when I bought a product which will not only help me to get better ideas for my own Kindle publications, but will help me to get ideas for other products, as well as blog posts, I was hugely excited. I knew I had to share the strategy with you.

Here it is: the Kindle Idea Machine.

I’ve been using a form of this strategy for years. However, this will super-charge my own research. I’ve tried out the two strategies, and in 15 minutes, I’ve come up with five ebook ideas which I’ve already outlined. I’ll write each idea in three hours, and hey presto – a new ebook.

I won’t be creating LONG products. They’ll be short ebooks (more like long articles), filling one specific need each. I’ll be selling them for $2.99. This is an “impulse buy” price point. I’ll be emphasizing the length of the ebook in the product description, so that buyers know that it’s short, and that that’s the reason for the low price.

(If you’ve been selling ebooks at 99 cents, stop that. I told you why that’s a bad idea here – it leads to buyers devaluing the material.)

A Bonus for You

I have a bonus for you if you decide to buy the Kindle Idea Machine through this link – click here.

Your bonus is “Ebook Secrets”, which is a bonus to my Info Product Maestro product. It’s crammed with ebook writing and selling secrets. After your purchase, contact me at with the subject line: KINDLE IDEA MACHINE PURCHASE. Forward your PayPal receipt to me in that message, and I’ll send you the bonus.

Remember, to receive your bonus, click here.

I LOVE this strategy, because it’s so simple and fast. Let me know how it works for you.

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