Your Writing Career: Get Started, Make Money


Love writing? If you do, keep reading. On the other hand, if you need to push yourself to write, professional writing is probably not the career for you.

Every writing career involves lots and lots of writing. Here’s the good news: you can make fantastic money writing, once you develop the skills you need.

When I’m working with my writing students, I find that they try to put the cart before the horse, so to speak. They want guarantees of money up front.

I can guarantee you this: the money’s there, but you’ll have to write to make it. Words are your fortune. You’re in control of the words: no one else can write them for you.

When you’re getting started, focus on WRITING. The money will inevitably come — you won’t be able to stop it showing up, and it will seem like “easy money”… if, and only if, you’ll focus on the writing first, and always.

Here are some tips which will help.


It’s simple. Write. What you write doesn’t matter much in the beginning of your career. You need practice turning what’s in your head into words which communicate exactly what you want to say to readers.

Make no mistake, this is a challenge.

Every idea, when it’s in your head, is wonderful. Write it down, and the magic dissipates. The words get in the way of your vision.

If you keep writing, you’ll expect this to happen. You’ll also understand that WHAT YOU WROTE is a beginning, it’s not the end. Once your words are on paper or on your computer screen they will trigger more and better ideas… and the words to communicate them.

This can only happen if you WRITE.

2. Use Easy Articles Kickstart Your Career — You’re Being Paid to Learn

Way back in the dark ages, when I began my writing career writing on a green Olivetti typewriter and then on a succession of IBM Selectrics, every writer expected to spend years writing… with little or nothing to show for it.

Jerry Pournelle suggests writing a million words. That’s about right.

So, write a million words.

Don’t cringe! Before the Web, you wrote those words just because that’s what writers do.

These days, you can get paid for your words by writing articles. Don’t knock it. You’re being paid to learn.

3. Make Contacts — Knowledgeable Writers Will Help You

Writers are everywhere. Take courses from writers you respect. Comment on their blogs. Send them an email message or three.

The help’s there. Get it.

4. Then Write Every Day — the Professionals Do, and So Must You

And we’re back to the nub. Write. Write every day. That’s what professionals do.

As a beginning writer, at the start of your career, you’ll write.

Nothing changes when you “make it.” Your challenges will change, but you’ll still have challenges. You solve them by writing.

Image: Olivetti Lettera 32

The Easy-Write Process Makes Writing Fun, Profitable and Easy

Writing hasn’t always been fun for me. Far from it. For the first ten years of my writing career, when I was writing novels and starting out as a copywriter, I was terrified of writing. Eventually, over several years, I developed my Easy-Write Process.

The Easy-Write Process is comprehensive, and fun. No matter what kind of writing you’re doing, it will help you to get it done, and it will be fun.

I use the Easy-Write Process every day, and now you can too. Put new life into your writing. Become a prolific writer: discover how you can easily double and triple your output, and your income.

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Angela Booth is a copywriter, author published by major publishers, and writing teacher. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills at her online store. She also provides inspiration and motivation for writers on her writing blogs. Angela has been writing successfully since the late 1970s, and was online in the 1980s, long before the birth of the Web. Her novels and business books have been widely published.