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Writing Books As A Dream Home Business

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Writing books is a dream home business. You can write when, where and how it suits you, without a commute, and without a boss looking over your shoulder.

There's something else which makes writing books extremely attractive: since the rights to books are licensed, the author receives a royalty (somewhere between six and 15 per cent of the sales price) for each and every copy of his books which is sold, for years, and sometimes for decades, to come.

freelance writing for magazines or the Web, or copywriting, authors (writers who write books) are writing for long term income - for twice-a-year royalties arriving in their bank account, for years, as long as a particular book stays in print. Imagine if you've got royalties from five or more books flowing to you twice a year.

That's the major benefit of writing a book -
twice-yearly infusions into your bank account, for every book that you write. This makes writing books not only good sense, but vital for your long term survival as a freelance writer.

If you choose your subjects with care when you're writing nonfiction, every book you write is an investment into your retirement fund. If you can write two books a year, that's four added income streams every year. It mounts up.

If you're writing novels, think in terms of series characters. Develop a character you can take through many novels. Series characters are appealing to publishers of mysteries, romance novels, science fiction, fantasy and many other genres. Since a series will build an audience with each book, a series of novels is like a snowball: it builds an audience, and the new readers of each new book read the other books, which stay on a publishers back list.

Publishers love their back lists - back list books require no editorial or marketing management: just printing and distribution. Back list books are gold to publishers and gold to authors.

Getting Started Writing Books From Home: Writing Books Is Faster And Easier Than Writing Articles

Writing a book, if you've been used to writing just 1000 words or less at a time, can seem intimidating. However, it's actually easier to write a book of 60,000 words than it is to write 60 thousand-word articles.

Here's why:

* You need more ideas to write the articles - writing 60 articles to magazine standard means you need lots of idea and research;

* More time spent in interactions: you're dealing with 60 editors and contracts rather than one editor;

* More time in general - more time spent in research, in writing, in business housekeeping and accounting;

* More project start-up time. The startup time on any writing project - when you're writing the first quarter of an article or a book - takes longer than writing the middle two quarters. The final quarter of any project zips past because you know what you're writing. So with 60 articles, there's a lot of startup time, which makes 60 articles much longer to write than a book of 60,000 words.

As you can see, writing books has immense long term benefits financially for you as a freelance writer. There are many other benefits as well, the primary ones being recognition and respect - writing books raises your profile as a writer, so you'll get more freelance writing gigs offered to you.

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