Freelance writing skills: Web writing - a must-have skill -

Can you write for the Web? You can, but it's different from writing for print

You're a freelance writer, and you want to
write for the Web. That's great. You'll find that all of your freelance writing skills are transferable to the Web.

However, there are some major differences in writing for print and for the Web, and you need to be aware of them so that you can take advantage of the Web environment.

On the Web, you need to write for readers and for the search engines

The biggest difference in writing for print and for the Web is in your audiences. When you're writing for print, you have one audience: readers. When you're writing for the Web, you have two: readers and the search engines.

In print, readers read, and the print is either discarded, as in the case of newspapers, or perhaps saved for a time, as in the case of magazines. Copies of the publications live on in libraries and in specialist archives and Web databases.

On the Web, your words are eternal. Even if the Web site containing your words is taken down, copies remain. This is because of the search engines.

So when you're writing for the Web, you need to learn how to write for the search engines, and you'll never stop learning, because the Web and the search engines are constantly changing.

Writing for the search engines: the magic of hypertext and indexing

When you're writing for the search engines, you'll keep two things in the front of your mind: links and keywords.

The Web is the Web because of hypertext - documents linked to other documents.

A Web "page" contains links to other pages - your readers can explore topics in much greater depth, and much more easily, than they can in print. Unlike print, there's no limit on how long a Web page can be.

Your readers find your Web pages via keywords they type into a search engine query box.

Therefore, the keywords a reader would expect to find on a Web page must be there, otherwise the page will never be found and read.

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