New Copywriters Are Looking For a Recession-proof Home Business

Sydney, Australia, January 31, 2008 - Veteran copywriter and writing teacher Angela Booth reports that people with writing skills are looking to copywriting to provide security against recession.

"Where last year hobbyist writers would be working on a novel or writing short stories, this year they want to capitalize on their writing skills," she said.

She went on to explain: "Their thinking is that copywriting is a form of writing that's recession-proof. No matter how good or bad the economy gets, people still need to buy and sell, and as long as there are buyers and sellers, there will always be a need for people who can write copy."

The other big benefit of creating a copywriting services home business, she says, is that copywriters can write from anywhere, and at any time they choose. Some of her new students moonlight in their new careers, pleased that they have a safeguard if they're retrenched from their day job.

When asked whether it's hard to start a copywriting services business, Angela said there were a couple of things new copywriters should do:

* Build up a copywriting portfolio - essentially writing samples. Angela says that most of her new students already have experience in writing marketing materials in their jobs, so they can mock-up samples of their writing quickly;

* Promote your copywriting services - online and offline and get your first clients: copywriters are in high demand, especially online, to write marketing materials for Web sites, so it's easy even for new copywriters to land clients.

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